Koniferetum © Yannik Steer

Koniferetum © Yannik Steer

Koniferetum © Yannik Steer

Pinus strobus © R. Chizzola

Pinus sylvestris © R. Chizzola

Taxus baccata © R. Chizzola

Group numbers: 20-27; in part: 28, 32

This is where the gymnosperms – conifers and related forms – are displayed. In contrast to broad-leaved trees and other angiosperms, their endosperm tissues are not "covered" by an ovary. In addition to representatives of well-known genera such as pines (Pinus), spruces (Picea) or firs (Abies) from around the world, the conifer grove is home to botanical treats such as the dawn redwood (Metasequoia glyptostroboides) or – during the summer months – the frost-sensitive palm ferns. The "ginkgo meadow" in Group 24 is the place to see hundreds of ginkgo seedlings spouting up every year. Due to the unfavorable conditions, however, they survive only for a short time. A variety of ferns is also planted in the shade of the conifers.

Around 1840, under garden director Stephan Endlicher, representative conifers were cultivated in the southern part of the Systematic Group. In the early 20th century, the conifer grove was expanded to today's form.