Society of the Friends of the Botanical Garden

The Society: its tasks and services

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The Society was founded in 1991 and pursues two important missions:

  • Unbureaucratic and rapid support for the Botanical Garden
  • Additional information and events for the visitors to the Botanical Garden

We provide the following services and offers to Society members:

  • Mailings (4-5 x per year) with information about events being held at the Institute of Botany, about special attractions in the Garden, and about other important dates
  • Guided tours of the greenhouses (2-3 x per year at announced dates)
  • Special guided tours in the Botanical Garden
  • Guided tours to the surroundings of Vienna (half-day excursions)
  • Free entry to guided tours and special exhibitions


If you are interested in additional information about the Botanical Garden or about the "Society of the Friends of the Botanical Garden", please contact:

Society of the Friends of the Botanical Garden

Membership fees:

Students € 18
Full membership € 27
Families € 50
Companies € 75
Sponsors € 270
Major benefactors € 2700


Bank account:

IBAN: AT72 1490 0220 1001 4399

Please make sure to include your contact address the first time you pay your membership fee.