The 'Grüne Schule'

The 'Grüne Schule' (green school) offers guided tours and workshops for groups from kindergartens, schools and after-school care centres. There are also offers for adults. Find out more about the 'Grüne Schule'.

Wednesday tours

Would you like to satisfy your thirst for knowledge? Then you are welcome to visit our Wednesday tours! Researchers and experts present the treasures of our Garden, demonstrate research findings and provide deeper insights into the relevant topic in the framework of exhibitions and events.

  • Every Wednesday, 16:30. Dates see below.

Duration: approx. 60 minutes per tour

 Terms 2023 (tours in German only)

Mi, 03. Mai Gartenschätze
Geschichte und Geschichten
Michael Kiehn
Mi, 10. Mai Gartenschätze
Alena Binder
Mi, 17. Mai Ausstellung
Tropenstation La Gamba
Anton Weissenhofer und Daniel Schaber
Mi, 24. Mai Forschung aktuell
Symmetrie in Botanik und Mathematik
Martin Buhmann und Michael Kiehn
Mi, 31. Mai Ausstellung
Botanische Illustration
Wiener Schule der Botanischen Illustration
Mi, 07. Juni Forschung aktuell
Gefährdete Pflanzen und Sprachen
Martin Haase & Michael Kiehn
Mi, 14. Juni Forschung aktuell
Siegrun Gerlach
Mi, 21. Juni Gartenschätze
Insekten in der Stadtwildnis
Florian Etl
Mi, 28. Juni Forschung aktuell
Die Pannonische Gruppe
Manfred A. Fischer
Mi, 5. Juli Forschung aktuell
Heimische Pflanzen und ihre exotischen Verwandten
Manfred A. Fischer
Mi, 19. Juli Forschung aktuell
Giftpflanzen – Pflanzengifte
Reinhard Hohenegger
Mi, 02. August Forschung aktuell
Pilze – Parasiten und Neubürger
Hermann Voglmayr
Mi, 16. August Forschung aktuell
Astern und Verwandte
Michael Münch
Mi, 30. August Forschung aktuell
Österreichs Landschaften im Spiegel ihrer Pflanzenwelt
Thomas Wrbka
Mi, 06. September Gartenschätze
Neuzugänge im Botanischen Garten
Barbara Knickmann
Mi, 13. September Forschung aktuell
Blüten und ihre Besucher
Margarita Lachmayer
Mi, 20. September Forschung aktuell
Harald Zechmeister
Mi, 27. September Gartenschätze
Vom Baum zum Musikinstrument
Daniela Hlavka & Simon Pibal
Mi, 04. Oktober Gartenschätze
Frank Schumacher
Mi, 11. Oktober Ausstellung
Tropenbotanik in La Gamba
Werner Huber

Weekend tours

Every week on Friday and Saturday from beginning of March until end of October!*

  • Friday at 15:00 (English), 16:00 (German)
  • Saturday at 15:00 (English), 16:00 (German)

Duration: approx. 60 minutes per tour

* No guided tours on public holidays and during the rare plants fair in April.

Family tours

Our younger visitors can learn about exciting topics during the guided tour for families. The tour covers a variety of examples from the programme of the 'Grüne Schule', ranging from plant hunters to plants from the age of dinosaurs. These garden highlights amaze both young and old.

Every Sunday from beginning of March to end of October!

  • Sunday at 15:00 (in German only)

Duration: approx. 60 minutes per tour

* No guided tours on public holidays and during the rare plants fair in April.


Guided tours for private groups can be booked at any time. In addition to the classical Garden tour, you can also book a range of different themed tours.

For further information about our tour offers, please visit the website of the 'Grüne Schule' (in German) or contact us (; +43 1 4277–56401, Monday–Friday 9:00–14:00).

Registration and Costs


For some of our guided tours advance registration is necessary.

Wednesday tour (german only): no registration necessary

Family tour (german only): registration necessary

Weekend tour: no registration necessary

Groups: upon request (; +43 1 4277–56401, Monday–Friday 9:00–14:00).

For further questions please contact +43 1 4277–56401 (Monday–Friday 9:00–14:00).


  • Adults: € 5,--
  • Discounted: € 3,-- (for students, pupils, conscripts, senior citizens)
  • Free of charge: Children (< 6 years) and members of the society "Freunde des Botanischen Gartens"
  • Family tour: with the Kinderaktivcard: Adults € 3,--; pupils € 1,--
  • Private groups (max. 30 persons): € 60
  • Schools: Guided tour (1h) € 45,- | Workshop (2 h) € 80,- [The "Grüne Schule"]

 There is no entrance fee for the Botanical Garden.

Meeting point and cash desk

The meeting point for our tours is in front of the garden porter's lodge at the main entrance of the Botanical Garden/Mechelgasse 2, 1030 Vienna.