Adopt a plant

You can become a sponsor of a variety of plants and natural habitats in the Botanical Garden that have a high aesthetic and symbolic value - just think of the countless orchids in the greenhouses, including the renowned collection of hundreds of species of Bulbophyllum. You also have the opportunity to sponsor particularly rare species, whose protection is advocated by the Garden, such as the dragonhead (Dracocephalum austriacum) or the 'Schlitzblatt-Wermut' (literally translating to cut-leaf wormwood; Artemisia laciniata). In addition, there are species and natural habitats in the Garden that have to be carefully tended to, such as the colourful meadows in the systematic group, which have to be mowed at exactly the right time. Individuals, companies and associations can become sponsors of these plants and natural habitats. Sponsorships can also be given as gifts.

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