The Botanical Garden of the University of Vienna


The mission of the University of Vienna's Botanical Garden encompasses research, teaching and species protection. In this respect the plant collections and facilities are eminently important and deserve special protection and preservation efforts. The Garden is open to the public at designated times and strives to provide an educational and recreational experience.

I. Garden use

(1) Entering and/or spending time in the Garden is permitted only during opening hours and under consideration of the following rules.

(2) The use of the Garden should not endanger or otherwise unreasonably disturb other visitors. All visitors must respect for the rights of others.

(3) The use of the grounds, facilities and buildings should reflect their intended purposes. In particular, they should not be defaced, soiled, sprayed with color, painted or be pasted or otherwise damaged with paper, plastic sheeting or any other type of material.

(4) Moreover, it is forbidden to:

1. improperly dispose of garbage (paper, containers, packaging material, …);

2. step over, climb up, use for gymnastics or alter the position of any enclosures (for example fences, walls, cordoned-off areas) as well as temporary barriers or garden furnishings of any type (information and warning signs, info panels, plant labels, benches or waste containers);

3. climb up or on buildings, fountains or other facilities as well as plant pots, trees, tree remains and roots.

(5) conduct any type of commercial activity such as selling goods, filming or photography beyond for private purposes, holding courses, conducting guided tours, or distributing flyers. Any such activity requires written authorization by the Botanical Garden or the University of Vienna. Moreover, unpaid activities (such as playing music) are forbidden insofar as they are directed at or could potentially disturb other visitors.

(6) consume alcoholic beverages or other intoxicating substances on the Garden grounds.

(7) Visitors must follow all instructions by staff members of the Botanical Garden of the University of Vienna or by authorized personnel of the Botanical Garden and the University of Vienna.

II. Walkway rules and protection of grassy areas and plant beds

(1) It is forbidden to leave the designated walkways or to step on the grass and planted areas. Exceptions include staff members of University of Vienna for research or teaching purposes, guides working for the Green School, as well as authorized events.

(2) It is strictly forbidden to break off, cut and remove, or damage in any way plants or parts thereof (fruits, seeds). This includes making any changes to the plant assemblages and their beds. Exceptions require prior authorization.

(3) Use only marked and authorized walkways under snow and icy conditions.

(4) Staff work areas are off limits to visitors.

III. Dogs and other pets in the Garden

(1) Dogs (except for guide and assistance dogs) and other pets are not permitted in the Botanical Garden.

IV. Sports activities and the use of bicycles and other sports equipment

(1) Bringing, parking or using bicycles as well as other sports equipment (kick scooters, electric scooters, micro-scooters, inline skates, skateboards and similar devices) is forbidden. Vehicle-like toys to convey children, such as children's kick scooters, must be pushed.

(2) All sports activities such as jogging, nordic walking, ball games, yoga, etc. are forbidden.

V. Safety measures, supervision responsibility and liability

(1) The Botanical Garden is home to valuable stands of old trees. These can potentially pose a heightened threat to visitors in the case of strong winds or stormy weather. Visitors are warned not to enter the Garden grounds in the event of strong winds, storms or approaching thunderstorms. Visitors who are already in the Garden in such cases must leave the premises without delay or – only when leaving itself poses a threat – seek protective locations in the Garden itself. Under special weather conditions (strong winds or storms, gusty winds, heavy rains) the Botanical Garden will remain closed for security reasons. Closures will be lifted after official verification that visitor safety standards have once again been met. This can potentially take several days.

(2) It is forbidden to step on, cross or bend over the rims of the water basins and pond edges.

(3) Youngsters who require supervision may enter the Botanical Garden only accompanied by a qualified person. For children, the supervisory obligations lie with the parent(s), custodian(s) or other responsible persons (for example teachers and instructors). These supervisors must ensure adherence to the Garden regulations and are responsible for keeping children away from potential risks (water basins, ponds, cordoned-off areas…) and for preventing them from climbing atop barriers and fences.

(4) Parents or guardians and other responsible persons/institutions are fully liable for the children under their supervision. They are hereby explicitly informed that a visit to the Garden for children without or with insufficient supervision can be dangerous (for example poisonous plants and their parts; plants that can cause injuries such as trees, cactuses, bamboo shoots; plants, fruits, pathways treated with pesticides; garden tools and machinery, water basins, etc.).

(5) The University of Vienna and its employees assume no liability whatsoever for damage of any type that arises from non-compliance with the Garden regulations in connection with visiting the Botanical Garden.

VI. Theft

(1) Visitors may be asked by the staff to open their bags for inspection upon leaving the Garden grounds.

(2) Any and every theft of plants, plant parts, exhibition objects, tools, etc. will be reported to the police.

The University of Vienna reserves the right to ban persons who fail to comply with the Garden regulations from entering the Garden in the future.

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