Crambe cordifolia – Blattentfaltung beim Meerkohl © Barbara Knickmann

Eranthis hyemalis – Reife Früchte des Winterlings © Barbara Knickmann

The Botanic Garden participates in a global network for phenological observations. The aim is to learn more about the impacts of climate change on the phenology of herbaceous plant species.

Despite half of the plant species on Earth being herbaceous, we know very little about their phenology, as this research has mostly focused on woody species. PhenObs aims to improve our knowledge of the seasonal responses of herbaceous species to the biotic and abiotic environment which will enable us to predict herbaceous phenology from species provenance, climatic requirements, phylogeny and plant traits.

In the Botanic Garden 160 different plant species are observed on a weekly basis for leaf development, flowers, fruits and leaf senescence. The data is compared with observations from other gardens around the world, ranging from Chicago to Beijing.

Moreover, several student theses and citizen science activities focus on phenObs.

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