Database (JACQ)

Herbarium record © Der Knopfdrücker

Living plant collection © Yannik Steer

The entire plant population of the Botanical Garden is managed using the database system JACQ. You can access selected data and a variety of photos under

Since the year 2000, JACQ has been used as a database system for the management of the herbarium record collection of the University of Vienna (Herbarbeleg-Sammlung WU). A variety of national and international herbaria and a few living plant collections have joined this digital cluster. The JACQ portal serves to make the plant collections available to research, teaching and classes.

The system was named after the botanist Nikolaus von Jacquin (1727-1817). Commissioned by the House of Habsburg, he collected numerous unknown plants on his adventurous research expedition to the West Indies (1754-1759) and brought them home to Vienna, both to Schönbrunn and to the newly founded Botanical Garden at Rennweg. The descendants of these plants are still being cultivated today and come together in JACQ - both in the living plant collections and in their documentation in the herbaria.