Cold greenhouse and Canary Islands groups

Kanarengruppe © BGUW_R. Hromniak

Kalthauspflanzen in der Gruppe 1 © Yannik Steer

Doryanthes palmeri © R. Chizzola

Abutilon x hybridum © BGUW_R. Hromniak

Camellia japonica © BGUW_R. Hromniak

The cold greenhouse is where the frost-sensitive woody plants from Mediterranean and subtropical regions spend the winter. In spring the plants are moved back outdoors. In summer, the cold greenhouse hosts events before the plants return in fall. They are transferred before the first hard frosts. Space restrictions mean this cold greenhouse is not open to visitors in winter.

In summer, typical representatives of the flora of the Canaries are grown next to the cold greenhouse. Plants include Aeonium, Euphorbia and the Canary Island pine (Pinus canariensis). The display also shows species from the Austrian flora that are related to typical species from the Canary Islands and similar in appearance.